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Gestalt is an existential, phenomenological approach to psychotherapy, developed by Fritz Perls in the 1940's. It is creative and experiential. We look at people as they are, not as they have been or as they should be. It is your experience that counts. Whatever is in the foreground for you at any given moment is what is. Any and every phenomenon is valuable and can be experienced, shared and discussed. Becoming aware of what is happening in your life right now and what your reaction to it is is a powerful way to increase choice, well-being and excitement. Gestalt is also a holistic approach, which means that we look at people as entities consisting of body, mind and soul, existing in their unique environment.

Gestalt therapy is based on Gestalt psychology, psychoanalysis, Eastern philosophies (Zen and Tao), existentialism, Wilhelm Reich's character analysis and psychodrama. C.G. Jung's theories and methods, especially concerning dreamwork, are often applied by Gestalt therapists. To learn more, please see this page.

My first encounter with Gestalt took place in 1999, when I participated in a personal leadership programme that was based on Gestalt methodology. From the first day of training I knew I'd discovered something life-changing. That discovery eventually lead to a new career. Until then I had worked several years as a manager in international Human Resources, a job that gradually had started to feel less and less meaningful. I completed the 4-year Gestalt psychotherapist training in GIS International, Denmark, and have held my own, private practice since 2005.

Gestalt therapy is well suited for many kinds of human dilemmas: development of self-awareness and self-esteem, relationship issues, crises, addictions, loss and grief, trauma, depression, as well as spiritual and existential questions.

My way of working is mainly dialogical. I often use psychodrama, dreamwork, art, breathing and meditation as tools of increasing awareness of any phenomenon the client is experiencing. Focus is in the now, in the present moment. Naturally, the client's past is always present and plays a part in their life situation today, and whatever is still unfinished in the past will be discussed and resolved in therapy. As soon as past issues no longer define our actions today, we have considerably more freedom and choice in our lives.

In addition to psychotherapeutic counselling, I offer supervision for managers and professionals working in different industries and organisational levels. My specific area of interest is newly appointed managers.


- therapy session, individual: 95 € per 60 minutes
- therapy session, couples: 110 € per 75 minutes
- supervision, individual: 100 € per hour / 130 € for companies

No VAT will be added.

Payment by debit/credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). Payment by invoice and credit according to separate agreement.

Cancellation policy: cancellations are free of charge until 16.00 the previous day. Full price will be charged for cancellations taking place later than this (excluding force majeure situations).

For Kela compensation you will need to contact a psychiatrist.

Get in touch! My email address is pauliina(at)aroha.fi and telephone number 040 7222400.